The 50/50 Project!


Art has power. Real power.
But, only when it’s used correctly.

So, here at GiveUsArt, we’ve decided to step up our art game!

It started with Resistance Art after America somehow ended up with a sexist, bigoted, sociopath, and narcissistic asshat in the White House.

But, that just didn’t feel like enough. Art and words have inherent power. But, nothing is more powerful in America than the all might dollar! So, with that lodged firmly in our brains, we came up with another way to make a difference… and The 50/50 Project was born!

Each campaign project we launch will donate 50% of the proceeds to an organization currently fighting a worthy social cause!

You might be wondering why the donation is ‘only’ 50%? The answer to that is quite simple.

First, 1/2 of all proceeds isn’t chump change. It’s also significantly more than almost every project or campaign that gives “a percentage of all proceeds.” Also, you’ll know exactly how well this month’s social cause is doing. There is no trick or ‘alternative’ math here, just honesty and transparency.

Second, when we make money for our time/effort, that means we can do things like eat and pay rent. More importantly, it validates us spending the time on this project and gives us the freedom to create other great art projects that benefit more progressive social causes! How cool is that?

After each campaign is completed we’ll take a screen shot showing our backers how much money was donated to that specific charity. Including another screenshot of the transaction completed (if the organization’s website offers that capacity).

So, if you’d like to both support art and some of your favorite progressive social causes, this is the kind of project for you!

The pre-sale goal is a measly 25 orders (going any lower massively reduced the amount of money earned per sale, making it cost prohibitive), so let’s hit that target number fast by SHARING the link and actively being part of the change we want!

March Project: She Persisted!

(click on the image above to be brought directly to the campaign’s main page)

Art the World (with change!)

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