Ten Cent Stories Submissions


Ten Cent Stories is an anthology series of one-of-a-kind experiences, delivered to the public for a dime per story. This hodgepodge collection of stories will be compiled into 10 stories per issue and published on Smashwords & Kindle.

The goal of Ten Cent Stories is simple; deliver new and exciting content to the ever hungry e-book/mobile book readers, offer a simple way for writers to get their work published, get it in front of new readers, create potential revenue for the authors and publisher, and most importantly allow author’s to use TCS as a stepping stone to a writing career.

This is not be a paid entry service and costs no money to be involved. What it does require is a passion for writing, a little skill, and the willingness to perform peer review edits to a fellow writer’s story. Also, know your work will go through a similar editing and peer proofreading process. If that frightens you, then this is may not be the project for you.

The target market for the project is 16+ years old. You may contribute a Young Adult or New Adult story if you’d like, but you must be comfortable with it possibly being among mature themes.

Traditional, indie or self-published authors are all encouraged to apply. This isn’t about how famous you are, it’s all about the content you can deliver!

Here are the Requirements & Guidelines to be a part of Ten Cent Stories.

Requirements & Guidelines

  1. Each issue of Ten Cent Stories will contain 10 unique, short stories. An issue of Ten Cent Stories will be released quarterly (once the project is at full speed).
  2. Each a story must have a beginning, middle, and end. No partial stories will be allowed. Though any story content you wish to publish can be related to a world or story-line from previous stories or books you’ve written or published.
  3. No plagiarism will be accepted. If copyrighted content is found in your story, you will be removed from the book and the original author will be notified of the offense.
  4. Each story must be exclusive to Ten Cent Stories. It may not have been previously published in any other e-book/hard copy format. Stories ‘published’ on personal websites, blogs, etc, will be considered (depending on site traffic/response, etc.).
  5. Each story should be between 2,500-10,000 words. Stories shorter (or longer) will only be considered if of exemplary quality. The reason behind this is simple, the Ten Cent Stories model is built for a fast & easy reading experience that leaves an impression on the reader.
  6. Stories can be of almost any genre; though no erotica, fanfic or hateful/malicious content will be accepted. (Plans are being considered for an erotica version of Ten Cent Stories.)
  7. Yearly, the collected issues of Ten Cent Stories will be combined and re-released as a paperback anthology. Also, the most popular stories (determined by the fans and votes from contributing authors) will be re-released as a “Best of Ten Cent Stories” collection.  As with the other releases, all authors will share any/all (net) profits from the sales of paperback copies.
  8. Every published author will have a bio page in the book, linking to their sites and at least one of their books.
  9. You must have a social media platform (Facebook fan page, Twitter account, website, etc.) and willing to promote the series. (And why wouldn’t you want to? You are part of it!)
  10. You must be willing to read the short stories of two other contributing authors, and provide competent feedback. This includes having your story read by other authors as well.
  11. You are free to use another editor for your content if you wish. If not, I will edit your story. All feedback will be provided to you (both edit notes and peer reviews), and it will be at your discretion how you use that information.
  12. A website, social media accounts and Facebook fan page will be created, which all contributing authors are expected to join, support, and promote.
  13. Royalties: For each story published in an issue of Ten Cent Stories, the author will receive 7% of any/all net profits per story published. (Total profits after publishing platform and e-book retailers fees). The final 30% is used to cover formatting, layout, design, and any business taxes.
  14. All royalty payments will be paid quarterly; beginning the next quarter after an issue is released. Payments will be delivered via PayPal. Authors will be required to have (or sign up) for a PayPal account to be paid. Additionally, payments will only be processed/paid out once individual totals exceed $10.00
  15. All authors retain the IP rights to any/all content that is published in Ten Cent Stories. But, by accepting to be published in TCS, you agree to give GuA Publishing exclusive publishing rights to the content for 24 months from the date of release. (This gives GuA Publishing enough time to release the content in e-book, paperback & the ‘Best of” collections.) Upon completion of the 24 months, the author may republish/re-use the content any way they desire, but GuA Publishing still retains the rights to continue publishing, distributing, and using the content. (Authors will continue to receive their percentage of all earnings.)
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