May Day: The Art of Protest!

May 1st. “May Day” A day of significance throughout human history. It is/has been a day celebrating spring, a pagan festival, a day of feasting, a day for organized labor, and most recently, a day of political protest. ————————————————————– This is a collection of street art that touches on some of the relevant social issues […]

Art Cuts To The Core: Equality < Equity!

Now this is the kind of street art I admire. Sharp and clever social commentary. Beautifully simple, and amazingly on-point, this street artwork strikes at the very core of society’s failing. If you know the Artist or location of this work, please contact me so I can credit it properly. (Props to STREET ART UTOPIA […]

The Social Voice of Banksy!

Banksy: The Unofficial Social Voice of the UK. This Artist seemed like a good follow up to the French street Artist JR. Both are guerrilla artists, renegades, “vandals” and “criminals.” But they are more than that. They are a loud social voice. A voice for of an area, our world and of our time. They […]