Rare Find: Artist Agnes Martin Interview!

I may not find her artwork visually stimulating, but the thought behind her work, and more importantly the woman herself, are amazingly interesting. Martin has been discussed on his blog before. Guest writer/contributor Christina Lazarakis (having now moved on to her own blog Small Kitchen Chronicles) wrote this article Thank You, Agnes Martin, for Making […]

Taming the Waters: The Breathtaking Art of Rome’s Trevi Fountain!

Fontana di Trevi by Night -- All rights reserved by Hisham Besheer

By Christina Lazarakis I whacked my toe last night. I had been chasing my husband, Christopher, playfully trying to tackle him.  Turning the corner to our bedroom, my naked, right little toe clipped the edge of the door and I whacked it … hard.  So hard in fact that I sliced it.  Blood?  Not much, […]

Thank You, Agnes Martin, for Making Me Hate Your Painting!

‘The Rose’ by Agnes Martin 1965. All rights reserved.

Article by: Christina Lazarakis. As a food photographer and creator of the food blog Small Kitchen Chronicles, I photograph peaches. Okay, a lot more than just peaches, but food is my art these days. It wasn’t always that way. I used to paint. A lifetime ago, when I was an art student, I went to […]

End of the Line: “Next Stop Atlantic” – The Photographic Genius of Stephen Mallon!

Photo by Stephen Mallon. All rights reserved.

Article by: Christina Lazarakis When I first moved to New York, straight out of acting conservatory, I would take the “A” Train up to Washington Heights and get off at 181st Street. By New York City subway standards, it was a long trip. Six more still-in-The-City-moves-in-less-than-two-years later, I would take the very same train in […]