‘THE CONVERSATION’ Artist Dylan Neuwirth’s Beautiful, Multimedia Exhibition!

Dylan Neuwirth with his exhibition 'THE CONVERSATION.' 2011.

Seattle Artist Dylan Neuwirth’s ‘THE CONVERSATION’ Dylan Neuwirth, a local Seattle artist, has a very interesting and immersive art style. His masterful use of the entire gallery space creates quite an experience. His multimedia approach allows him to control the room with his artwork, lighting and unique sense of style. His most recent exhibition ‘THE […]

It’s mine! My New Original Artwork -History of Love- by Artist Jennifer Hatters!

History of Love by Jennifer Hatters. Now owned by me!

My New Artwork Sitting on my wall! Last month I wrote this article Art/Not Terminal Gallery Features ‘Echo of Colors’ by Artist Cecilia Mayr for culturemob.com. During my visit I found History of Love and knew I had to have it. Even though the article was mostly about Art/Not Terminal and Cecilia Mayr’s work, here’s […]

Incredible Painter & Sexy Model: Burgandy Viscosi!

Painting and Modeling: All in One! Today’s artist is an interesting combo. She is part painter, part model. Yeah, I was surprised too. Her name is Burgandy Viscosi. She is a local Seattle Artist with a new exhibition at the Form/Space Atelier titled, a little arrogantly, 1 OF THE FINEST. The show runs from June […]

Traditional and Contemporary Collide- Jose Rodriguez!

Jose Rodriguez takes the stylings of traditional female portraits of a bygone era, an era we prize so dearly in the art community, and gives them a modern day makeover. Does he actually take traditional works and remake them? I don’t think so. It’s more the feeling I get when I view his work. Old […]

The Varied Illustrations of Stephanie Parker

Seattle Artist Stephanie Parker Today, local Artist and Illustrator, Stephanie Parker. I think my friend Aaron Morgan put it best when he sent me her link. “She is local and good people.” Though that might not sum up her work, it sounds like it might sum her up well. I trust Morgan in these things. […]

Imps, Monsters and Hillgrove! Oh My!

Justin Hillgrove really likes his monsters. And imps. And robots. And any other delightful, mischief making, creature. He’s just that kind of guy. His work, much like a prior post Creepy Kid Art: Post It!, has strong Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak influences. It is his ability to make that which is creepy […]