Crafting At Its Finest: The Beauty & Experience Of Orcas Island Pottery!

Pottery from Orcas Island Pottery. Photo by Shawn Greenleaf.

Orcas Island Pottery: An experience all its own! On my getaway from the city of Seattle (Don’t get me wrong, I love this city…but a guy’s gotta get away somewhere quiet once in a while.) to Orcas Island, our friend’s (and world’s best travel companions) suggested we stop at “the pottery store.” Now, I’m thinking, […]

Taming the Waters: The Breathtaking Art of Rome’s Trevi Fountain!

Fontana di Trevi by Night -- All rights reserved by Hisham Besheer

By Christina Lazarakis I whacked my toe last night. I had been chasing my husband, Christopher, playfully trying to tackle him.  Turning the corner to our bedroom, my naked, right little toe clipped the edge of the door and I whacked it … hard.  So hard in fact that I sliced it.  Blood?  Not much, […]

Bicycle Chain as Art? I Can Die Happy! The Work of Artist Seo Young Deok!

Bicycle chain art by Seo Young Deok. All rights reserved.

Artist Seo Young Deok I’ve always been fascinated by chain. It’s solid yet flexible. Smooth but unforgiving. It has a certain rugged beauty to it. Well, aparently, Korean artist Seo Young Deok has the same fascination. Actually, his fascination is one of obsession. Deok creates beautiful human body sculptures with chain (not just bicycle chain, but the bicycle […]

The Fantastic Paper Art of Yulia Brodskaya!

First off, I’d like to announce that Give Us Art! is back up and running! The challenges and issues of real life have been resolved and I can get back to my pursuit of Art in the modern day. There will be upcoming changes to both the formatting and to postings, but i’ll get more […]

Absolutely Beautiful! The Fantastic Cast Paper Sculptures of Allen & Patty Eckman!

Art and Image copyright Eckman Fine Art.

Artists Allen and Patty Eckman create amazingly detailed cast paper sculptures using a special technique they themselves perfected. Allen had discovered cast paper sculpture while photographing a brochure and immediately recognized its purity and the possibilities it had to offer. Cast paper sculpture originated in Mexico, around 1950, but the Eckmans developed their own technique, […]

Larger Than Life! The Sculpture of Katharina-Fritsch!

Rattenkonig 1993 Polyester resin, paint 110 1/4 x 511 3/4 inches. Art and Image copyright Katharina Fritsch.

Contemporary German Sculptor Katharina Fritsch takes on relatively ordinary subjects in new, and often times jarring, ways. Most notably is the size of her works. Though many are meant specifically for museums, the size and scope of these works make a real impact. A couple perfect examples of that are her Child with Poodles (above) […]

Books: Back To Their Roots!

Australian Artist Carves Paper and Books Artist Kylie Stillman recycles paper and books by turning them into carved sculptures. Though not as jaw dropping as the work of the “Book Surgeon” Book As Art: The Book Surgeon, Stillman’s works are nonetheless still a conceptual masterpiece. Using a scalpel, Stillman cuts right into the stack of […]