Featured Item: “Abstinence Makes The Forearm Stronger” T-shirt by Savage Apparel!

Looking for a shirt to make people do a double take? This one might do the trick… Click HERE for more by Savage Apparel. Art the World! Savage1 Advertisements

I’ve Moved Back In!

After (way too many) months of stubbornly refusing to accept I was on the losing side of the site overhaul (and transfer to .ORG), I realized I’d be better served maximizing what I do have while I have it. Go back to generating original content, market, network and do all the other things a poor […]

“More Fire!” The Stunningly Beautiful Pyrography Artwork of Artist Julie Bender!

'Close to You' pyrography on maple. Art by Julie Bender. All rights reserved.

Pyrography Artist Julie Bender: Not much makes me happier than some fire. I love building a fire, stoking a fire and just just plain staring at fire. I’m an Aries, of course, but I’ve also got a touch of pyromaniac in me. Not enough to have ever…you know…commited an arson or anything, but definitively enough […]

Save Us From Your Fanatics!

'Please Lord, Save Me..." apparel design. Copyright Savage1Studio MM. All rights reserved.

Feeling the need to comment on organized religion? Well, good news! This shirt was made for you. Some people have described this shirt as “offensive” or “obscene.” Others have used terms like “heretic”, “blasphemy” or “uncouth.” Then, there have been some that got the joke and used terms like “awesome”, “fantastic” and “hilarious.” Which are […]