Indie Comic Roundup #4: Sons of God and Job Dun, Fat Assassin!

So, it’s been a while (way too fucking long is a more accurate description) since the last Indie Comic Roundup. I’ve been a pretty busy guy these last couple months. The Escape From Jesus Island crew has recovered from its technical disaster (which cost us close to 6 months of production time) and production of […]

Save Us From Your Fanatics!

'Please Lord, Save Me..." apparel design. Copyright Savage1Studio MM. All rights reserved.

Feeling the need to comment on organized religion? Well, good news! This shirt was made for you. Some people have described this shirt as “offensive” or “obscene.” Others have used terms like “heretic”, “blasphemy” or “uncouth.” Then, there have been some that got the joke and used terms like “awesome”, “fantastic” and “hilarious.” Which are […]

Religion Gone Wrong, Again.

Piss Christ R.I.P Religion Gone Wrong, Again. Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ was attacked and destroyed on Palm Sunday. This was after days of “extremist harassment.” The day before “…around 1,000 Christian protesters marched through Avignon to the gallery. The protest group included a regional councillor for the extreme-right Front National, which recently scored well in […]