The Incomparable: IIWII PROJECT! If You Haven’t Seen It Yet…You’re Missing Out!

I’ve done posts on this project in the past. Three to be exact. And every time I say something like “…I absolutely love watching the daily/weekly/monthly progression and evolution of this artistic masterpiece. It’s one of the main reasons I keep re-posting about IIWII. It’s a living art experiment. Each time I post about it, […]

IIWII. Pure Artistic Evolution!

IIWII-2050b txt ©2011 jbb | img ©2011 am

IIWII The Trifecta! And back we go for the third time, to one of my favorite modern (and currently active) Art projects/collaborations! This is another look at what’s been going on over at the IIWII Project. (It IS What It Is) Am I just shamelessly promoting a project I’m part of? No, I’m not. I […]

A Callback: It Is What It Is!

It Is What It Is: One Month Later The improvisational art and poetry project IIWII Project has evolved a lot in the last 5 weeks since I did my first post on it It Is What It Is. First off, they have doubled the output. Instead of a single page of collaborative art/poetry, it’s now […]

It Is What It Is.

IIWII 2006b [txt ©2011 jbb | img ©2011 am] IIWII. It Is What It Is. But what is it? I’ll tell you what it is. It is genius. It Is what happens when an Artist and a Writer have 1 hour a day to create, design and put on paper their daily experiment. Simply put, […]