Absolutely Beautiful! The Fantastic Cast Paper Sculptures of Allen & Patty Eckman!

Art and Image copyright Eckman Fine Art.

Artists Allen and Patty Eckman create amazingly detailed cast paper sculptures using a special technique they themselves perfected. Allen had discovered cast paper sculpture while photographing a brochure and immediately recognized its purity and the possibilities it had to offer. Cast paper sculpture originated in Mexico, around 1950, but the Eckmans developed their own technique, […]

When Paper Art and Pornography Meet!

The Amazing Work of Tom Gallant! Obsession. It’s the only way to explain Tom Gallant‘s work. The time, effort and patience it must take to create these labor intensive pieces is just mind blowing. And truthfully, I’m only showing some of his smaller pieces. He also does large scale installation pieces. I can’t even begin […]

Eric Joisel: More Than Origami!

The Genius of Eric Joisel Eric Joisel took origami to a whole new level. The size and scope of his work is downright humbling. The time, focus and dedication it must have taken to design and finish these works utterly blows my mind. Below is a clip written about him, his work and his legacy. […]