Imps, Monsters and Hillgrove! Oh My!

Justin Hillgrove really likes his monsters. And imps. And robots. And any other delightful, mischief making, creature. He’s just that kind of guy. His work, much like a prior post Creepy Kid Art: Post It!, has strong Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak influences. It is his ability to make that which is creepy […]

Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!

The Caveman Art of Obi Kaufmann Obi Kaufmann likes to say he paints by candlelight in a cave. After spending some time with his art, it’s an apt description. His use of line weight is bold and powerful. It creates a strong visual image that is hard to look away from. Just the kind of […]

A Painters View: The Dreamcatcher Vision

A Little Taste of New Mexico Today I am officially “mailing it in.” Not in the quality of the work I’ve found, I love the look, feel and overall “fullness” of this work. Otherwise I’d not have posted it. I’m “mailing it in” in writing, editing and re-writing today. I’ve done it for about 5 […]

Quick Hits! Ai, The Leons and “Shyd-lee”

Photo by Mario Tama/ Getty Images Ai Weiwei Work Opens in NYC Ai Weiwei’s Artwork “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads” opened yesterday in NYC despite his absence. He is still missing since his detainment at an airport in Beijing on April 3rd. The work is a representation of the Chinese Zodiac which was inspired by the […]

And The Paint Flies!

Making Paint Fly! Brain Olsen is an interesting blend of Artist, Performer and Energizer Bunny. He creates large scale portraits of famous rockstars and pop icons live on stage before an audience. Armed with 3 paint brushes in each hand and the music blasting, he attacks the canvas with an almost reckless abandon. He throws […]

Definitely Not Like The Other!

Definitely Not Like The Other! What happens when you put an out-of-the-box-thinker, printmaker and painter up against an illustrator, painter and graphic designer? Wouldn’t it be even more interesting if they were brother and sister? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer. Brother and sister combo, Max and Erin Leon are having their second […]