Revisit: True “Insider” Outsider Art

An intriguing artist, with an equally intriguing form of art! All hail Artist Daniel Watson! Alien or Citrus? Both. When you look at this work, what do you see? I see an amazingly detailed work that looks to be molded of clay and worked with tools to get the shape and depth. Then maybe it’s […]

Art Shines Truth Upon The World!

  via STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasStreet Art by Herakut » STREET ART UTOPIA. For more Herakut art, click HERE. Give Us Art! salutes you (and your work) Herakut! Savage1

Artist Jake Fried: Classic Hand Drawn Outsider Video Art!

Looking like something M.C. Escher might create while experimenting with stop motion (while REALLY high on acid), Artist Jake Fried‘s work is really something to behold. While stop motion media/art is nothing new, I’d make the case that Fried’s work gives us a touch of nostalgia in our modern (tech heavy) world. I can only […]

Drug Inspired Portraits: Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders!

I’m sure some of you have seen this project, by Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders on Facebook. If you haven’t… (or even if you have!) this is a series of portraits created while on various drugs. Here is what Saunders has to say about the project on his page: “After experiencing drastic changes in my environment, […]

Embracing Chaos: The Artistic Maelstrom of Calvin Nicholson!

Featured Artist: Today we feature one strange bird. Ok, he’s not actually a bird (I think), but he is strange. But it’s strange in the good way. The artist way. His name is Calvin Nicholson. I met him quite a few years ago (maybe 6-7 years now) at a house party. That party happened to be […]

The Absolutely Insane World of Italian Artist Claudio Parentela!

PAINTING 323 by Claudio Parentela. All rights reserved.

Can an artist be both an outsider artist and a pop artist? I’m not sure. But Italian Artist Claudio Parentela‘s work certainly is a powerful argument that its possible! His website, full of mind blowing color and vaguely-nauseating movement shows his outsider-like, insane pop aesthetic just as much as his artwork. He’s a man who’s not afraid to […]

IIWII. Pure Artistic Evolution!

IIWII-2050b txt ©2011 jbb | img ©2011 am

IIWII The Trifecta! And back we go for the third time, to one of my favorite modern (and currently active) Art projects/collaborations! This is another look at what’s been going on over at the IIWII Project. (It IS What It Is) Am I just shamelessly promoting a project I’m part of? No, I’m not. I […]