THUNDERBIRD is coming! The New Exhibition by Primal Artist Obi Kaufmann!

"Thunderbird" The new show by Artist Obi Kaufmann

Artist Obi Kaufmann has made the Give Us Art! blog again. His new solo show titled “THUNDERBIRD” opens November 19th and shows until December 18th, 2011. If you’re a follower of the blog you’ll recognize Obi’s name. Previous posts Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!, Vampire Tree: Part 1 and Vampire Tree: Part 2 discussed his […]

Vampire Tree: A Night With Obi Kaufmann Part 2

The Article I wrote on The Exhibit Here is the article I wrote about the exhibit and on meeting Obi Kaufmann. Give it a read I’m pretty sure you won’t be dissappointed! Obi Kaufman’s ‘The Vampire Tree’ Exhibit by Shawn Greenleaf | 05/21/11 | for Special thanks to Obi for his kindness and lack […]

Vampire Tree: A Night With Obi Kaufmann Part 1

Seeing, Experiencing And Meeting Obi Kaufmann So, no post yesterday because of lack of time. One reason I had so little time was because I was busy attended the one night art slam expo “The Vampire Tree” by Obi Kaufmann in Seattle last night. His work was incredible. As was he. I’m writing an article […]

Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!

The Caveman Art of Obi Kaufmann Obi Kaufmann likes to say he paints by candlelight in a cave. After spending some time with his art, it’s an apt description. His use of line weight is bold and powerful. It creates a strong visual image that is hard to look away from. Just the kind of […]