NYC Street Art Series Part 5: Welcome And Goodbye NYC Style!

For the final installment of my NYC Street Art series, I leave you all with this. These simple, but wonderfully & socially apt, pop art works felt like the proper way to end this series. “Welcome to New York City” perfectly captures the city’s feeling towards visitors. It’s a fantastic city (filthy fucking place, but […]

NYC Street Art Series Part 4: A JR Leftover In NYC!

While just wandering around (before I ever thought to hunt down the Bowery Wall) Manhattan for the fun of it, we randomly ran into this JR work. At least I”m pretty sure it’s a JR work. It has all the hallmarks of his work. But If it is someone else’s –and you know who’s it […]

NYC Street Art Series Part 3: NYC Art Park “Twist”

Last week I posted about the little Art park I stopped at on the way to the Bowery Wall. There were quite a few interesting works upon the long man-made art wall, but the most interesting of them all was “Twist” by Alexis Duque. This work is a wonderful blend of bold simplicity (the large, […]

NYC Street Art Series Part 2: The Art Park!

So, on my way to the Bowery Wall, I came across a small art park only a block or two away. Upon entering, there was a large sculpture. It was fairly interesting, but I didn’t shoot pics. I was already looking further down the pathway, towards the wall murals. It was a Sunday, and Artists […]

NYC Street Art Series Part:1 The Bowery Wall

A few months ago I took a trip to the Big Apple for a friends wedding (it was fantastic) and managed to squeeze in some time to get in some quality art time. One of my few ‘must’ destinations on my little adventure wandering NYC was the Bowery Wall. This is what adorned one of […]