Architecture, Nature & Art. It’s Love At First Sight!

This is absolutely awesome! As soon as I saw this I thought, “Ooh, hell yes!” I live in the middle of the city. That city is Seattle. More specifically, I live on Capitol Hill. And I love it. A whole fucking lot. But, let’s be honest, living in the middle of the city is well…noisy. […]

Mother Nature Might Be The Best Artist Of All: China’s Rainbow Mountains!

There won’t be many words to this post. There’s no need. The post’s title says it all “Mother Nature Might Be The Best Artist Of All!” China’s Rainbow Mountains, located in the Zhangye Danxia Geopark, is only one –of a million examples– of Mother Nature’s masterpieces, but it made me stop in my tracks. I […]

“More Fire!” The Stunningly Beautiful Pyrography Artwork of Artist Julie Bender!

'Close to You' pyrography on maple. Art by Julie Bender. All rights reserved.

Pyrography Artist Julie Bender: Not much makes me happier than some fire. I love building a fire, stoking a fire and just just plain staring at fire. I’m an Aries, of course, but I’ve also got a touch of pyromaniac in me. Not enough to have ever…you know…commited an arson or anything, but definitively enough […]

Books: Back To Their Roots!

Australian Artist Carves Paper and Books Artist Kylie Stillman recycles paper and books by turning them into carved sculptures. Though not as jaw dropping as the work of the “Book Surgeon” Book As Art: The Book Surgeon, Stillman’s works are nonetheless still a conceptual masterpiece. Using a scalpel, Stillman cuts right into the stack of […]