The Queen Extravaganza – Part Tribute, Part Nostalgia and ALL Kick Ass Rock &Roll!

The Queen Extravaganza, brainchild of Queen drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May.

The Queen Extravaganza: A truly worthy experience. Last month I previewed and reviewed the Queen Extravaganza for I was both hopeful and leery. As one of rock’s biggest icons Queen and legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, the QE had a LOT to live up to. Failing to deliver while performing Queen’s classic hits could be […]

Black Metal Surfaces In The Turbulent and Volatile Social War Of The Middle East!

Iraqi Black Metal band - Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis

A new generation of disillusioned and pissed off youth have taken to Black Metal as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction with their world. In all honestly, it might just be the most real Black Metal out there these days. Their anger is real. Their frustration is real. The fight and it’s consequences are very, […]

From Wiscon, Pushing and Pulling at Seattle’s Musical Boundaries

Wiscon's enigmatic keyboardist Paul Morgan. Wiscon plays the Highline on Capital Hill Jan 12th. Doors @ 9:30pm.

Aaron Morgan’s (Artist of the IIWII Project) is one busy bee. Besides IIWII, he’s got an blog Art-Bullshit-Music (or ABM, he’s a big fan of initials apparently) and a band–Wiscon— Here’s an interview with the wacky members of Wiscon. Check it out. Local indy band Wiscon is part of Seattle’s newest wave of bands injecting the music […]