NYC Street Art Series Part 4: A JR Leftover In NYC!

While just wandering around (before I ever thought to hunt down the Bowery Wall) Manhattan for the fun of it, we randomly ran into this JR work. At least I”m pretty sure it’s a JR work. It has all the hallmarks of his work. But If it is someone else’s –and you know who’s it […]

JR takes over the Bowery Wall!

Kenny Sharf's Bowery Wall Mural

JR Strikes Again! But with the Go Ahead! French Photographer and Artist JR gets hit shot at NYC’s famous Bowery Wall. His work replaces the mural of Kenny Sharf. Sharf’s mural had been subject to relentless tagging or “bombing” over its tenure on the wall. Apparently the walls new owners decided it was time to […]

The Bold Guerrilla Art of JR!

Man on a Mission The renegade photographer known only as JR, is a man who uses street, building, roof and even railway car as a format for display. This is his gallery. But he’s no graffiti artist. He is a guerrilla photographer and painter. Is there truly a difference? To me? Yes. To you? That’s […]