Architecture, Nature & Art. It’s Love At First Sight!

This is absolutely awesome! As soon as I saw this I thought, “Ooh, hell yes!” I live in the middle of the city. That city is Seattle. More specifically, I live on Capitol Hill. And I love it. A whole fucking lot. But, let’s be honest, living in the middle of the city is well…noisy. […]

Taming the Waters: The Breathtaking Art of Rome’s Trevi Fountain!

Fontana di Trevi by Night -- All rights reserved by Hisham Besheer

By Christina Lazarakis I whacked my toe last night. I had been chasing my husband, Christopher, playfully trying to tackle him.  Turning the corner to our bedroom, my naked, right little toe clipped the edge of the door and I whacked it … hard.  So hard in fact that I sliced it.  Blood?  Not much, […]