Indie Comic Roundup #3: The Infernal Pact, Judas Breed & Squarriors!

Today, in Indie Comic Roundup, I focus on a few insanely cool looking Kickstarter projects. In ICR #1, we looked at Superhero & High Fantasy books. In ICR #2, it was a look at some real trippy art projects. This episode of ICR is focused on horror…with a side of brutality. Welcome to Indie Comic […]

Stage To Page: Amazing Show ‘Dirt’ To Become A Graphic Novel!

Artist/Actor/Comedian John Morello has paid his dues. He’s spent 15 years working the stage, but his biggest greatest project has been his one man show titled ‘Dirt’. The show, started in 2002, is expanding –moving from just school and stage to the world of print. Morello, who has been personally funding this new project for […]