The Absolutely Breathtaking Glass Sculptures of Artist Jiyong Lee!

orange and magenta embryo segmentation by Jiyong Lee

Artist Jiyong Lee has taken his love of science and skill of glass sculpture and combined them into something fantastic. By cutting, carving, sanding, and other techniques he manipulates the glasses form into geometrical shapes inspired by the science of cell division and growth. The results are utterly breathtaking. “The segmentation series is inspired by […]

The Spiderweb Artist!

Rocky Fiore – The Spiderweb Artist Emil “Rocky” Fiore, better known as the Spiderweb Artist, is an odd and fascinating man. He spends his day’s wandering woods looking to catch and preserve, as artworks, spiderweb’s. He equates his daily treks for webs to be “a lot more like fishing, or hunting.” than actual work. As […]