Fun Minimalist Superhero Poster Designs: Batman, Superman, Spiderman & More!

Found this set of minimalist superhero poster designs on Pinterest. (If you haven’t visited my Pinterest site yet, now is a great time!) The posters tackle some of today’s most popular comic book icons (including TV series & movies): Batman, Superman, Ironman, The Flash, Spiderman, and Wolverine. I’ve seen some comments about people taking issue […]

The Wild World of Kidchuckle!

Illustration, Storyboards, Conceptual Design: Kidchuckle Does It All! Vince Chui drives my “envy” rating right through the roof! He has the natural talent and skill I’ve always coveted. He also has the determination and work ethic needed to make in an industry that demands a lot. I guess that’s why I’m writing about his work, […]