Revisit: Book As Art! Artist Brian Dettmer (AKA-The Book Surgeon)

Though the writing is a little rough (I wrote this in 2011), it doesn’t diminish the beauty of these works. I saw someone posting this work on Facebook recently and knew it was time to revist this post. Sometimes I’m so ahead of the curve. (Yeah…sure.) I’m not usually a fan of “big name” Artists. […]

The Beauty And Delicacy Of Artist Luigi Prina!

Artist Luigi Prina: Art comes in a lot of forms…and Artist Luigi Prina combines engineering, patience, skill and dedication to create beautiful, functional flying ships. Luigi Prina might be 83 years old, but he still has the imagination of a child. The Italian architect’s studio is filled with miniature flying ships of all shapes and […]

Skate Board Art: Elevated

Indian Woodcarvers Give the Skateboard an Oriental Twist By Spooky on March 30th, 2011, Oddity Central I’ve seen a lot Art cred recently given to skateboards, snowboards and surf boards over the recent months. If given the opportunity, I’ll spend some time on the undertaking by one of the PNW star graphic designers, Robynne Raye, […]