Is It Klimt? No, It’s Art Nouveau (Nouveau!) Artist Richard Burlet!

I’m an Art Nouveau guy. No, seriously. I owe my appreciation for art in a larger sense (anything besides comic book art) to Alphonse Mucha. During my teens and early 20’s, the only art I was actively interesting in was fantasy or comic artists: Boris Vallejo (yes, yes, I know he is, essentially, a Frazetta […]

A Real Throwback: American Contemporary Painter Michael Carson!

American artist and contemporary painter, Michael Carson is a modern-day-old-school painter. He’s from Minneapolis, MN and has a degree from the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Design. Originally a graphic designer, he didn’t complete his first painting until three years after graduating college. The rest, as they say, is history. Carson is primarily a figurative […]

Modern & Contemporary Art? Tumblr’s Art-Documents Might Be The Answer!

I’m not what you call a ‘modern art’ kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the creativity behind it, the pushing and pulling at the limits of the ‘art’ envelope. But usually, it just falls flat in my eyes. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means it’s not for me. That said, […]

THUNDERBIRD is coming! The New Exhibition by Primal Artist Obi Kaufmann!

"Thunderbird" The new show by Artist Obi Kaufmann

Artist Obi Kaufmann has made the Give Us Art! blog again. His new solo show titled “THUNDERBIRD” opens November 19th and shows until December 18th, 2011. If you’re a follower of the blog you’ll recognize Obi’s name. Previous posts Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!, Vampire Tree: Part 1 and Vampire Tree: Part 2 discussed his […]

Abstract: It Doesn’t Have To Suck!

Viewing The World Through Hang Nguyen Eyes Hang Nguyen, inspired by her full-time job as a science editor, creates abstract artworks. As I trolled an online art gallery looking for some interesting art to post (Yes, sometimes I just cruise galleries of random artists looking at their work. I’ll post anything I find striking, interesting […]

Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!

The Caveman Art of Obi Kaufmann Obi Kaufmann likes to say he paints by candlelight in a cave. After spending some time with his art, it’s an apt description. His use of line weight is bold and powerful. It creates a strong visual image that is hard to look away from. Just the kind of […]

John Osgood wants to Bherd!

The Contemporary Urban Art of John Osgood. John Osgood, a Seattle based Artist, has a style that comes as much from street art and graffiti as it does from the great Artist’s of the past. His work is heavy in the feel of “tagging,” yet pushes the boundaries of “What is Street Art?” and “What […]