Sass & Sorcery! The Rat Queens, Putting the Fun (& the F.U.) Back Into Comics!

All Hail The Rat Queens! Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe has a new fan. That fan, obviously, is me. And it’s all thanks to a burlesque show. I shit you not. How is that possible you might ask? Well, allow me to explain. During this year’s ECCC (2015 Emerald City Comicon) the almighty Jo Jo Stiletto, […]

Comic Feature: The Sci-Fi Zombie Horror Web Comic – Under The Flesh!

Under The Flesh - The Sci-Fi Comic of Zombie Horror comic by G. Deltres & J. L. Giles. All rights reserved.

Today, we take a left turn into one of my favorite worlds: comic books. Moreover, we plunge into a genre I hold dear: Zombies! With that said, here is Under The Flesh – The Sci-Fi Comic of Zombie Horror comic by G. Deltres & J. L. Giles. Here is the extremely short, but sharp, tag […]

Killer Adventure Time Alternate ‘Flip’ Comic Cover by Artist Sarah Stone!

“Adventure Time: The Flip Side” #6, by Sarah Stone (BOOM! Studios)

Featured Artist: EFJI’s Insanely Talented (& Just As Psychotic) Artist Mortimer Glum!

Today, I feature the comic artist and illustrator (who recently won Best Of 2014: Visual Artist in the Portland Phoenix), Mortimer Glum. He’s the artistic driving force behind the indie horror comic Escape From Jesus Island, and he’s what you might call a –very deranged and– ‘unique’ person. I’d like to go into detail, but […]

EFJI Kickstarter Is GO! And Boy, Is It Going Well!

In my last post, I warned you all that the Escape From Jesus Island project was coming to a head. Well, it’s on! The project’s Kickstarter proposal launched July 28th, a mere 5 days ago, and has been going extremely well! (see it HERE!) With 36 total chances to actually BE in the comic up for […]

Trendsetters Volume 2: The Awesome Mike Mignola!

Hellboy in Prague. Copyright Mike Mignola. All rights reserved.

German Expressionism meets Jack Kirby” -Alan Moore On Mike Mignola Comic book great Mike Mignola is, for me, one of the most interesting and inspirational Artists ever. He and Frank Miller were the Artists that shattered my views and traditional ideals of comic art. Mignola’s use of simple shapes and his dynamic use of shadow […]

Paper, Pencil & Music with Jenny Clements!

The Animation, Illustration and Comic Art of stressedjenny! I ran into Jenny Clements work on There, she is known as stressedjenny. Her blog, simply named Jenny Clements, seems to have been a short term love affair. It’s simple, beautiful and abandoned since 2007. Sad because it had a nice look and feel. But she’s […]