Revisit – Creepy Kid Art: Post-It!

John Kenn is an odd man. First off, he draws his creepy, Edward Gorey type, sketches on Post-It notes. When asked why he started his Post-It note project his answer was this… “So I wouldn’t die. I know it is a silly answer, but I just HAVE to draw and I HAVE to tell stories […]

The Fabulous Cardboard Portraits of Giles Oldershaw!

I found this awesome, stencil-like portrait art by Artist Giles Oldershaw over at one of my favorite websites (and sources of all things odd!) Spooky knows how to find some fantastic stuff! He writes, in part, this about Oldershaw… “He begins by drawing the outlines of his portraits on a piece of cardboard with […]

Embracing Chaos: The Artistic Maelstrom of Calvin Nicholson!

Featured Artist: Today we feature one strange bird. Ok, he’s not actually a bird (I think), but he is strange. But it’s strange in the good way. The artist way. His name is Calvin Nicholson. I met him quite a few years ago (maybe 6-7 years now) at a house party. That party happened to be […]

We are Moving! Revamp & Relaunch Coming Soon!

There haven’t been many posts recently because the site is in the middle of totally being revamped and relaunched. It’s moving from to The blog ( is joining forces with Savage1Studio MM LLC and expanding it’s options and services available to you. More blog contributors, an art gallery, an art studio, original artworks, […]

Thank You, Agnes Martin, for Making Me Hate Your Painting!

‘The Rose’ by Agnes Martin 1965. All rights reserved.

Article by: Christina Lazarakis. As a food photographer and creator of the food blog Small Kitchen Chronicles, I photograph peaches. Okay, a lot more than just peaches, but food is my art these days. It wasn’t always that way. I used to paint. A lifetime ago, when I was an art student, I went to […]

What Is Erotic Art? A Well-Thought-Out and Enlightening Article By Mistress Matisse!

Mistress Matisse. Photo copyright RB images 2000.

Seattle’s BDSM Sex Maven and The Stranger contributor, Mistress Matisse, recently juried for The Seattle Erotic Art Festival (Happening this week!). With four other jurors, one being nationally known sex columnist Dan Savage, Matisse viewed, considered and decided which of the 2000 plus submissions would make the final show. Taking what she learned from the […]

Director of Italian Museum Burning 1000 Artworks in Protest!

Antonio Manfredi burning art at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum

Oh those crazy Italians. In a move to shed light on the drastic budget cuts for art, Manfredi is lighting a fire so all can see. The director of the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples says he is waging an “Art War” and plans to burn 1,000 art works to protest Italy’s budget cuts […]