Art Shines Truth Upon The World!

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NYC Street Art Series Part 5: Welcome And Goodbye NYC Style!

For the final installment of my NYC Street Art series, I leave you all with this. These simple, but wonderfully & socially apt, pop art works felt like the proper way to end this series. “Welcome to New York City” perfectly captures the city’s feeling towards visitors. It’s a fantastic city (filthy fucking place, but […]

NYC Street Art Series Part 4: A JR Leftover In NYC!

While just wandering around (before I ever thought to hunt down the Bowery Wall) Manhattan for the fun of it, we randomly ran into this JR work. At least I”m pretty sure it’s a JR work. It has all the hallmarks of his work. But If it is someone else’s –and you know who’s it […]

NYC Street Art Series Part 3: NYC Art Park “Twist”

Last week I posted about the little Art park I stopped at on the way to the Bowery Wall. There were quite a few interesting works upon the long man-made art wall, but the most interesting of them all was “Twist” by Alexis Duque. This work is a wonderful blend of bold simplicity (the large, […]

NYC Street Art Series Part 2: The Art Park!

So, on my way to the Bowery Wall, I came across a small art park only a block or two away. Upon entering, there was a large sculpture. It was fairly interesting, but I didn’t shoot pics. I was already looking further down the pathway, towards the wall murals. It was a Sunday, and Artists […]