Sass & Sorcery! The Rat Queens, Putting the Fun (& the F.U.) Back Into Comics!

All Hail The Rat Queens! Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe has a new fan. That fan, obviously, is me. And it’s all thanks to a burlesque show. I shit you not. How is that possible you might ask? Well, allow me to explain. During this year’s ECCC (2015 Emerald City Comicon) the almighty Jo Jo Stiletto, […]

Cartoons Rule! Writer & Show Creator Adam Reed Dishes On Archer Season 6!

Part of the new wave of adult oriented cartoons, FX’s animated spy spoof Archer, starring voice acting God H. Jon Benjamin (who I will one day soon dedicate an article to…), Aisha Tyler, and more, is one of the best animated shows on TV. This isn’t just my opinion, the statement has been validated by […]