Intricacy and Insanity! The Art of Kyle Bean!

Dragonfly made from matchsticks. Art by Kyle Bean, photo by Owen Silverwood.

Artist Kyle Bean UK Artist Kyle Bean is an part engineer, part artist and part obsessive/compulsive personality disorder. Ok, I don’t actually know that. But damn, I have no other idea on how to rationalize this ability to be so regimented, so intricate and so precise. When I first saw his pencil shaving portraits I […]

A Celebration of Art, Music & History: The Jackson Street Music History Project!

Image of Ernestine Anderson from the Jackson Street Music History Project.

This is a look at my most recent article about a local Seattle community making a difference in its own backyard. Ryan Curran – a Community Development Specialist at the City of Seattle Office of Housing – and a whole host of the Central District’s community leaders, businesses and residents have turned an overgrown, […]

The Wild World of Jeremy Fish!

Jeremy with one of his works. Art and Image copyright Jeremy Fish.

Artist Jeremy Fish San Francisco Artist Jeremy Fish may have the most unique blend of urban, storybook and logo design art I’ve ever encountered. It straddles so many different genres, yet fits into none. It is why I find it so fascinating. I’m not going to say much more. I’m just going to post some […]

Trendsetters Vol 1. A look at Paul Rand!

"Direction" cover 1940. Art and Image copyright Paul Rand.

Graphic Design Pioneer: Paul Rand No one personified the “synthesis of form and content” better than design legend Paul Rand. Rand is known mostly for his creation of superpower identity logos UPS, IBM, ABC, Enron and Westinghouse. But this post is a look at some of his other work, specifically his poster work. His work […]

JR takes over the Bowery Wall!

Kenny Sharf's Bowery Wall Mural

JR Strikes Again! But with the Go Ahead! French Photographer and Artist JR gets hit shot at NYC’s famous Bowery Wall. His work replaces the mural of Kenny Sharf. Sharf’s mural had been subject to relentless tagging or “bombing” over its tenure on the wall. Apparently the walls new owners decided it was time to […]

IIWII. Pure Artistic Evolution!

IIWII-2050b txt ©2011 jbb | img ©2011 am

IIWII The Trifecta! And back we go for the third time, to one of my favorite modern (and currently active) Art projects/collaborations! This is another look at what’s been going on over at the IIWII Project. (It IS What It Is) Am I just shamelessly promoting a project I’m part of? No, I’m not. I […]

Lullaby: The Sleepy Time Theatre Show!

Photo by Pau Ros

The Barbican Theatre Breaks Convention The UK based theatre the Barbican takes theater into sleepy territory. Their current show, “Lullaby” is not a black tie event. It’s a pj’s and toothbrush event! Lullaby is a gentle, slumber show designed to send you to sleep. Bring your pyjamas and toothbrush and pile up the zzz’s at […]