Trendsetters Volume 2: The Awesome Mike Mignola!

Hellboy in Prague. Copyright Mike Mignola. All rights reserved.

German Expressionism meets Jack Kirby” -Alan Moore On Mike Mignola Comic book great Mike Mignola is, for me, one of the most interesting and inspirational Artists ever. He and Frank Miller were the Artists that shattered my views and traditional ideals of comic art. Mignola’s use of simple shapes and his dynamic use of shadow […]

Absolutely Beautiful! The Fantastic Cast Paper Sculptures of Allen & Patty Eckman!

Art and Image copyright Eckman Fine Art.

Artists Allen and Patty Eckman create amazingly detailed cast paper sculptures using a special technique they themselves perfected. Allen had discovered cast paper sculpture while photographing a brochure and immediately recognized its purity and the possibilities it had to offer. Cast paper sculpture originated in Mexico, around 1950, but the Eckmans developed their own technique, […]

Revisit: The Stunning Glasswork of Judith Schaechter!

The Unbelievable Work of Judith Schaechter! Stained Glass Artist Judith Schaechter may make the some of the most compelling stained glass work I’ve ever seen. I’m reposting this because it is still, to this day, one of my favorite finds since I started this blog. This is another instance where I’ll not bother waxing poetic. […]

A Man and his Grid! Artist Chuck Close!

All images and art copyright Chuck Close.

American Artist Chuck Close is an incredible artist, and an even more incredible story. The remarkable career of artist Chuck Close extends beyond his completed works of art. More than just a painter, photographer, and printmaker, Close is a builder who, in his words, builds “painting experiences for the viewer.” Highly renowned as a painter, […]

The Simple Joy of Joseph York’s Abstract Figure Art!

"Jubilee" copyright Joseph York.

Artist Joseph York, by all appearances, seems a simple and strait forward man. While reading his bio there’s not an ounce of arrogance or pretension in his words. As I perused his gallery of work I was struck with the thought that art is a lifelong journey. His 80s work is interesting, but you can […]

Commuter Slide at Dutch Railway’s Overvecht Station!

Odd and quirky. That’s how I define this art installation at Dutch railway station Overvecht Station. It’s a slide. It’s a slide for commuters. It’s a slide for adults. It’s a fun addition to an area that’s so business and professionally oriented. Though it’s weak as “art” it’s makes up for it in spirit. It’s […]

Larger Than Life! The Sculpture of Katharina-Fritsch!

Rattenkonig 1993 Polyester resin, paint 110 1/4 x 511 3/4 inches. Art and Image copyright Katharina Fritsch.

Contemporary German Sculptor Katharina Fritsch takes on relatively ordinary subjects in new, and often times jarring, ways. Most notably is the size of her works. Though many are meant specifically for museums, the size and scope of these works make a real impact. A couple perfect examples of that are her Child with Poodles (above) […]