Montreal-based graffiti crew A’shop’s nod to Mucha!

Known as the “N.D.G. Project” (after its location), the giant graffiti artwork is a modern take on “Our Lady of Grace” and was inspired by the work of Czech art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha.

Montreal Street Art Crew Goes Mucha! Montreal’s graffiti crew known as A’shop transform a boring side of a building into amazing piece of street art. A’Shop artists: Fluke, Guillaume Lapointe, Antonin Lambert, DoDo Ose and Bruno Rathbone worked 16 days from dawn till dusk in order to complete the incredible five-storey mural. Known as the […]

That Street Vibe! Cool Street Art in Portland, OR!

Street Art in Portland, OR.

Last month my girl and I took a mini vacation down in Portland, OR. I absolutely loved the city. It has an Island of Misfit Toys kind of vibe that really makes me feel comfortable there. While devouring my killer maple bacon bar from Voodoo Doughnut, aka Doughnut Heaven, I looked over and there was […]

It’s mine! My New Original Artwork -History of Love- by Artist Jennifer Hatters!

History of Love by Jennifer Hatters. Now owned by me!

My New Artwork Sitting on my wall! Last month I wrote this article Art/Not Terminal Gallery Features ‘Echo of Colors’ by Artist Cecilia Mayr for During my visit I found History of Love and knew I had to have it. Even though the article was mostly about Art/Not Terminal and Cecilia Mayr’s work, here’s […]

Art/Not Terminal Gallery and Feature Artist Cecilia Mayr!

Art/Not Terminal Gallery 2045 Westlake Avenue, Seattle WA. Phone 206.233.0680

Art/Not Terminal Gallery Features ‘Echo of Colors’ by Artist Cecilia Mayr My latest article on a killer local Seattle art gallery and it’s latest show. This month’s serving of art at Art/Not Terminal Gallery (hereon in known as A/NT), an all-volunteer, artist-run gallery here in Seattle, WA, features artist Cecilia Mayr and her exhibition […]

THUNDERBIRD is coming! The New Exhibition by Primal Artist Obi Kaufmann!

"Thunderbird" The new show by Artist Obi Kaufmann

Artist Obi Kaufmann has made the Give Us Art! blog again. His new solo show titled “THUNDERBIRD” opens November 19th and shows until December 18th, 2011. If you’re a follower of the blog you’ll recognize Obi’s name. Previous posts Dark, Powerful, Visceral: Obi Kaufmann!, Vampire Tree: Part 1 and Vampire Tree: Part 2 discussed his […]

Love me some Fire! Molotov Art of Russian Artist Radya Timofey!

Working on “Eternal Fire” 3. A series of portraits of heroic WW2 fighters celebrating Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany. Art by Radya Timofey.

Fire! Fire! Fire!! Being a slight pyromaniac myself, I couldn’t resist posting about this artist. The 23 year old Russian artist Radya Timofey has quite a collection of street art credited to his name already, but “Eternal Fire” has to be one of his best! Since doing this installation, he’s already created 2 more but […]

The Fantastic Paper Art of Yulia Brodskaya!

First off, I’d like to announce that Give Us Art! is back up and running! The challenges and issues of real life have been resolved and I can get back to my pursuit of Art in the modern day. There will be upcoming changes to both the formatting and to postings, but i’ll get more […]