Trendsetter Volume 2: The Art of American Great Jacob Lawrence!

'The Long Stretch' by artist Jacob Lawrence. All rights reserved.

Artist Jacob Lawrence In recognition of Black History Month, I give to you one of my (new) favorite artists. I’m sad to say that the images you see here are poor representations of artist Jacob Lawrence‘s work. His work is definitely something that needs to be seen in person. We have a few pieces of […]

‘Work of Art’ contestant Judith Ann Braun’s Absolutely Awesome finger paintings!

Installation pt 3. Art by Judith Braun. All rights reserved.

Artists Judith Ann Braun, a contestant on season 1 of ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’, does what she calls “fingerings” to create beautiful, flowing symmetrical works. She uses various materials (charcoal, pastel, chalk, etc.) to paint her works. My favorite part of her work is her skill in using negative space so effectively. […]

Message of the Day: Art is Not Free. Live. Support. Buy!

Art is not free. Support it. Live it. Buy it!

Art The World! Art is the pulse of society and an essential part of the soul of humanity. Artists don’t just make art. They are art. Without them, the world is a sadder place. Art takes time, effort, talent and skill just like any other job. Just a reminder for us all to do our […]

‘THE CONVERSATION’ Artist Dylan Neuwirth’s Beautiful, Multimedia Exhibition!

Dylan Neuwirth with his exhibition 'THE CONVERSATION.' 2011.

Seattle Artist Dylan Neuwirth’s ‘THE CONVERSATION’ Dylan Neuwirth, a local Seattle artist, has a very interesting and immersive art style. His masterful use of the entire gallery space creates quite an experience. His multimedia approach allows him to control the room with his artwork, lighting and unique sense of style. His most recent exhibition ‘THE […]

Artist Lloyd Metcalf “Advert. Art. Design.” Give Us Art’s New Featured Artist!

Lloyd Metcalf: Advert. Art. Design.

Artist Lloyd Metcalf Give Us Art’s latest ‘Featured Artist’ is Lloyd Metcalf. Lloyd’s work runs the gamut: digital painting, fine art, oil painting, water color, pen and ink, photography, and video. I’ll be honing in on the oil painting and digital painting aspects of his work. This line, from his bio, sums up Lloyd pretty […]

The Absolutely Insane World of Italian Artist Claudio Parentela!

PAINTING 323 by Claudio Parentela. All rights reserved.

Can an artist be both an outsider artist and a pop artist? I’m not sure. But Italian Artist Claudio Parentela‘s work certainly is a powerful argument that its possible! His website, full of mind blowing color and vaguely-nauseating movement shows his outsider-like, insane pop aesthetic just as much as his artwork. He’s a man who’s not afraid to […]

From Wiscon, Pushing and Pulling at Seattle’s Musical Boundaries

Wiscon's enigmatic keyboardist Paul Morgan. Wiscon plays the Highline on Capital Hill Jan 12th. Doors @ 9:30pm.

Aaron Morgan’s (Artist of the IIWII Project) is one busy bee. Besides IIWII, he’s got an blog Art-Bullshit-Music (or ABM, he’s a big fan of initials apparently) and a band–Wiscon— Here’s an interview with the wacky members of Wiscon. Check it out. Local indy band Wiscon is part of Seattle’s newest wave of bands injecting the music […]