Creepy Kid Art: Post-It!

Images courtesy of John Kenn Gallery, John Kenn is an odd man. First off, he draws his creepy, Edward Gorey type, sketches on Post-It notes. When asked why he started his Post-It note project his answer was this… “So I wouldn’t die. I know it is a silly answer, but I just HAVE to […]

Designer Drug Jewelry: Yes She Did!

Photo by Make Shop Designer drug jewelry? Yup. When I read this article, I knew I had to post it! Breast Cancer survivor Susan Braig, a 61 year old from Altadena, California, began making jewelry from medication as a to cope, now she sells her creations to try to pay her stack of medical bills. […]

Matchstick Sculpture: One At A Time

Incredible Miniatures Carved from Matchsticks By Spooky on March 28th, 2011, It seems you can make sculpture out of just about anything. I thought I already knew that. But, I’d never really seen someone “sculpt” from a single matchstick. Sure, I’ve seen matchsticks used like lincoln logs to create, rather impressive if not more […]