Is the Chinese Government a Voyeur? Ai Weiwei Still Fighting the Good Fight!

Ai Weiwei from his webcam.

My respect for Chinese Artist, and social justice icon, Ai Weiwei just continues to grow. His newest project continues to push at the Chinese government’s power over it’s people. (CBS News) BEIJING – The Chinese government is a voyeur. At least that’s what Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is trying to prove. Tuesday marks the one […]

Quick Hits! Ai, The Leons and “Shyd-lee”

Photo by Mario Tama/ Getty Images Ai Weiwei Work Opens in NYC Ai Weiwei’s Artwork “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads” opened yesterday in NYC despite his absence. He is still missing since his detainment at an airport in Beijing on April 3rd. The work is a representation of the Chinese Zodiac which was inspired by the […]

Ai Weiwei Offered Role In CPPCC Before Detention

Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images Ai Weiwei ‘was offered advisory role before his detention’ Tania Branigan in Beijing, Wednesday 13 April 201 “Artist Ai Weiwei was invited by Chinese officials to join a political advisory body days before his detention, according to his staff.” Coincidence? Not very damn likely. The article goes on to state… […]