Rare Find: Artist Agnes Martin Interview!

I may not find her artwork visually stimulating, but the thought behind her work, and more importantly the woman herself, are amazingly interesting. Martin has been discussed on his blog before. Guest writer/contributor Christina Lazarakis (having now moved on to her own blog Small Kitchen Chronicles) wrote this article Thank You, Agnes Martin, for Making […]

Embracing Chaos: The Artistic Maelstrom of Calvin Nicholson!

Featured Artist: Today we feature one strange bird. Ok, he’s not actually a bird (I think), but he is strange. But it’s strange in the good way. The artist way. His name is Calvin Nicholson. I met him quite a few years ago (maybe 6-7 years now) at a house party. That party happened to be […]

Thank You, Agnes Martin, for Making Me Hate Your Painting!

‘The Rose’ by Agnes Martin 1965. All rights reserved.

Article by: Christina Lazarakis. As a food photographer and creator of the food blog Small Kitchen Chronicles, I photograph peaches. Okay, a lot more than just peaches, but food is my art these days. It wasn’t always that way. I used to paint. A lifetime ago, when I was an art student, I went to […]

‘Work of Art’ contestant Judith Ann Braun’s Absolutely Awesome finger paintings!

Installation pt 3. Art by Judith Braun. All rights reserved.

Artists Judith Ann Braun, a contestant on season 1 of ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’, does what she calls “fingerings” to create beautiful, flowing symmetrical works. She uses various materials (charcoal, pastel, chalk, etc.) to paint her works. My favorite part of her work is her skill in using negative space so effectively. […]

The Simple Joy of Joseph York’s Abstract Figure Art!

"Jubilee" copyright Joseph York.

Artist Joseph York, by all appearances, seems a simple and strait forward man. While reading his bio there’s not an ounce of arrogance or pretension in his words. As I perused his gallery of work I was struck with the thought that art is a lifelong journey. His 80s work is interesting, but you can […]

Abstract: It Doesn’t Have To Suck!

Viewing The World Through Hang Nguyen Eyes Hang Nguyen, inspired by her full-time job as a science editor, creates abstract artworks. As I trolled an online art gallery looking for some interesting art to post (Yes, sometimes I just cruise galleries of random artists looking at their work. I’ll post anything I find striking, interesting […]