GuA! Submission Requirements

Kick ass art of former Featured Artist Calvin Nicholson!

Kick ass art of former Featured Artist: Calvin Nicholson!

Want to be featured on Give Us Art!?!
Merely do the following…

1. Have an interesting or poignant method of artistic expression that fits with the GuA mold!

2. Follow the (very simple) directions located here: GuA Featured Artist Directions.

3. That’s it! So, get submitting!!!

Disclaimer- S1S reserves the right to refuse service to any artist at any time. More specifically, we will veto showing any work that promotes: bigotry, hate mongering, marginalization, intentionally hurtful, or any other demeaning work.
We believe in free expression, meaning we think you have the right to create this work (even if it does make you subhuman scum), but we also have the right not to support it…or show it on the site.

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