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Hi, my name is Shawn. I’m a freelance creative specializing in developmental & content editing, format & layout design, graphics, and comic book production services.

I’m addicted to art, the written word, and the magic of the creative process. My addiction led to multiple degrees in business (Entrepreneurship & Marketing) and art (Visual Marketing & Graphic Design).

My love of art led me to launch the art blog Give Us Art! My enjoyment of the written word led me to author collaborations and story editing. My passion for visual creativity led me to layout & graphic design. It was my appreciation for all three, plus a lifelong desire to create comic books, that led me to comic book editing & lettering.

In April of 2012, I partnered with author R. Smith over at Team Pop Culture, to edit/collaborate on the novel Pop Culture Sucks! Manifesto of a Vampire. Over the next 2 years, we would complete the PCS novel, a collection of serial shorts called Everything Sucks! Shorts, and, finally, the Everything Sucks! Anthology.

In January of 2013, I joined the Escape From Jesus Island creative team as the book’s Editor. Since then, I’ve also become the Production Manager, Webmaster, and (as of issue #4) the Lettering.

In 2014, the EFJI crew teamed up with writer Tim Stiles to produce his outlandish (and fun as hell!) comic book Cthulhu Williams: Monster Hunter. The project evolved from a short story to a full-length book that is currently out now. You can find it here! Not only did I edit the book, I also did  the Lettering revisions and all the interior Layout & Design work.

In 2015, I joined forces with writer/artist Joseph Schmalke to Edit and eventually Letter his indie grindhouse mini-series The Infernal Pact. The series sequel, Whore of Babylon, has been successfully backed on Kickstarter and is currently in production.

Midway through 2015, I also became part of the Astropunk creative team as the book’s Letterer with a dash of ‘Editor’ and ‘Production Manager’ thrown in for good measure.

A few month’s later, I again joined artist Paul Gori (who works on Astropunk as well) on a new project. This time for the Western Fantasy comic book, Oathbound. I am currently the Editor, Letterer, and Production Manager for the book.

Lastly, I am currently collaborating with author, Lance Martin, as co-creator and story developer on the epic twelve-book, fantasy series tentatively titled The Folly of Gods.

I have a few other creative projects also in the works (writing, game design, etc.) but I’m always looking for new and exciting creative projects to tackle. So, if you’ve got something brewing and you could use a hand…contact me!



I consider myself a creative collaborator rather than a traditional editor. My specialty is big-picture, content editing with a focus on voice, pacing, and a sleek, easy reading experience.

  • Developmental/Story Editing
  • Content Line Editing
  • Proofreading

(Note: I do not provide Copy Edit services. My area of expertise is the creative side of Content & Story Development.)

For more detailed descriptions and pricing, please visit the Editing page.



My formatting & layout design work focuses on e-books, paperbacks, flyers, sell sheets, promotional booklets, comic books, and more. I have a simple, straightforward design aesthetic; with a priority on clear presentation, and a clean, easy-reading text hierarchy.

  • E-Book Formatting
  • Paperback Book
  • Typesetting
  • Booklets & Pamphlets
  • Rack & Promotional Cards
  • Sell Sheets & Flyers
  • Webcomic & Comic Book Production

For more detailed descriptions and pricing, please visit the Design page.
For examples, visit the Gallery page.



My graphic design services focus on addressing the needs of small business and indie publishers. I work in both print and web. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs create, develop and exceed the artistic vision for their business.

  • E-Book Covers
  • Paperback Covers
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Logo Design
  • Signs, Prints & Posters
  • Marketing Materials
  • Other Graphics Services

For more detailed descriptions and pricing, please visit the Graphics page.
For examples, visit the Gallery page.



Working in the comic book medium is much different than the traditional editing of a book, novel, or manuscript. Three major elements must work in conjunction with one another. Art, Script, and Lettering. Comic book page real estate is at a premium, so the art & panel layout, placement, pacing, and flow is essential. Nowhere in the editing world is a holistic approach to the craft more important.

  • Comic Book Editor
  • Comic Book Lettering
  • ‘The Full Leditor’ Service
  • File Production Manager
  • Script Editing/Project Critique
  • Logo Design & Graphics
  • Interior Page Layout & Design

For more detailed descriptions and pricing, please visit the Comic Book Services page.
For examples, visit the Comic Book Gallery page.

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