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Hi, my name is Shawn. I’m a freelance creative specializing in developmental & content editing, format and layout design, graphics services, and comic book production. My editing focus is articles, shorts, novels, and series work. (For comic book services, click HERE.)

I’m more of a ‘creative collaborator’ rather than a traditional editor. My specialty is big-picture, content development & editing (world building, character development, story content, etc.) with a focus on voice, pacing, and a sleek, easy reading experience.

In April of 2012, I partnered with author R. Smith over at Team Pop Culture, to edit/collaborate on the novel Pop Culture Sucks! Manifesto of a Vampire. Over the next 2 years, we would complete the PCS novel, a collection of serial shorts called Everything Sucks! Shorts, and, finally, the Everything Sucks! Anthology.

Since then, my focus has shifted mostly to comic book editing/production. Below is a list of the projects I am currently working (or have worked) on over the last 3 years.

2013 to Current: Editor for the apocalyptic horror comic series Escape From Jesus Island.
2014: Editor for the outlandish (and fun as hell!) comic Cthulhu Williams: Monster Hunter.
2015 to Current: Editor for the grindhouse indie comic miniseries The Infernal Pact.
2015 to Current: Editor for the noir, space-opera comic Astropunk.
2016 to Current: Editor for the EFJI webcomic Mutant Babies.

But, that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned developmental editing! Quite the contrary, actually!

When not working on comic books (as editor, letterer, or the as the ‘production guy’), I’m working on writing projects of one type or another.

I have my own novel I’m writing, tentatively titled 19 Days of Hell. And then there is…the ‘big’ project. I’m currently working on the epic 12-book fantasy series currently titled The Folly of Gods, which is a collaboration with author Lance Martin.

As you can see, I like to keep busy…busy creating! So, I’m always looking for new and exciting creative projects to tackle. So, if you’ve got something brewing and you could use a hand…contact me!



Developmental/Story Editing

I’ll work with you on world-building, character development, and consistency in plot, pace, theme, mood, and more. Developmental editing provides insightful queries, observations, recommendations, and suggestions that give you –the author– a view of your project from the outside. When performed during the early stages of a project, developmental editing can provide important direction that opens up new storyline potential and save major rewriting later.

Price: $40/hr (Time blocks can be purchased.)

Content Line Editing

I’ll examine your text line by line, dealing with many of the same issues as developmental editing but on a smaller scale. This includes marking the manuscript with specific improvements to sharpen the overall writing, improve clarity and flow, ensure consistency, improve usage (parallelism, tense, transitions, etc.) and correct minor “mechanics” (punctuation, grammar, and spelling).

Price: $30/hr or $4.00/page (250-word count)


Proofreading is about getting rid of cosmetic errors. It follows the writing and editing phases of a manuscript. Proofreading can be done at key steps in the editorial process, but is a must before a manuscript goes to print. A word of warning, proofreading is not a substitute for actual content editing. Proofreading isn’t about re-working text or re-arranging content, it’s about a final run-through to catch any remaining surface problems. After corrections are made, proofing is often repeated until the desired reading experience is met.

Price: $20/hr or $2.50/page (250 word count)

Notes – Developmental & Line Editing are services that work best when paired together. Collaborators who purchase full-service Developmental Editing for a project will receive a 50% discount on Line Editing services. I want to see your project through to completion with you!

As a creative focused editor/content developer, I do not offer copy-editing services.

COMIC BOOK SERVICES (A quick overview)

As a life-long comic book collector & nerd, I love working on comic book projects!

The editing of comic books is much different than the editing of a book or novel. Three major elements must work in conjunction with one another –art, script, and lettering. Comic book page real estate is at a premium, so the art & panel layout, placement, pacing, and flow are essential. Making all three elements come together seamlessly is no easy feat. Nowhere in the editing world is a holistic approach to the craft more important.

It’s a simple philosophy, but not that simple to master. The design is the page (or book), the form is the artwork, and the content is the script/story/lettering. If these things are not in sync, the reading experience can suffer greatly. That’s OK, though. I’m here to help!

Project/Book Editor I can help you bring your project from concept to published product, with multiple rounds of honing and editing of the script, art, and lettering.
Price: $20/page

Comic Book Letterer A good story and great art can only get you so far. If the lettering isn’t of the same quality, the book’s reading experience is really going to suffer. Even worse, it’s not going to look professional. I offer quality lettering services (layout, design, pacing, SFX, etc.) at affordable prices. Let me help you take your book the next level.
Price: $15/page

Project ManagementNeed some help coordinating your creative and technical teams? I have the skill and experience needed to aim your project in the right direction. I can help with scheduling, budgets, hiring, production, and the supervision of creative and/or production crews.
Price: $35-50/hr (Project Dependent)

Project ConsultationI will review all project materials (story, character, script, art, letters, etc.) for depth and consistency, plot, pace, theme, mood, and more. I’ll evaluate the project’s strengths and weaknesses, then deliver an overview report with observations, recommendations, and suggestions to give you (the creator) a look at your project with the clarity of outside eyes.
Price: $100+ (Project Size & Scope Dependent)

For more detailed information on comic book services, click HERE.



Interested in the services I offer but worried it might break your budget? I know things can be tight in the indie publishing industry, so, feel free to contact me with any budget constraints. Let’s see if we can work something out.

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