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Hi, my name is Shawn. I’m a freelance creative specializing in comic book production, developmental & content editing, format and layout design, and graphic services. My comic book services focus on editing, lettering, project management, and consultation.

I get a lot of satisfaction from working on manuscripts and novels. It’s a treat to watch a story develop through revision and refinement. But as a life-long comic book nerd, I love working on comic books. Helping a comic book project grow from rough ideas and enthusiasm…to a beautifully finished product is an absolutely amazing experience!

I started editing in 2012, when I partnered with author R. Smith over at Team Pop Culture, to edit the novel Pop Culture Sucks! Manifesto of a Vampire, a collection of serial shorts called Everything Sucks! Shorts, and finally the Everything Sucks! Anthology.

But it was the very beginning of 2013 that saw me land my first comic book gig.

I joined the Apocalyptic horror, indie comic Escape From Jesus Island creative team as the book’s Editor. It was an important milestone in my lifelong goal of making comics. Since joining the EFJI crew, I’ve taken on the additional roles of Production Manager, Webmaster, and Lettering duties as of issue #4 (Our previous Letterer Peeter Parkker has moved on to top billing as the artist for our new webcomic EFJI Mutant Babies…which I also edit.)

In 2014, the EFJI crew teamed up with writer Tim Stiles to produce his outlandish (and fun as hell!) comic book Cthulhu Williams: Monster Hunter. The project evolved from a short story to a full-length book whose release date on ComiXology is expected the beginning of 2016. I was not only the editor for the book but also did Lettering revisions and all the Layout & Interior Design as well.

At the start of 2015, I joined forces with writer/artist Joseph Schmalke to Edit his indie grindhouse mini-series The Infernal Pact. As of The Infernal Pact #2, I accepted the Lettering duties for the comic series as well (which as of now is completed). The series sequel, Whore of Babylon, has been successfully backed on Kickstarter and is currently in production.

About midway through 2015, I also became part of the Astropunk creative team as the book’s Letterer (and eventually as the Production Manager/Editor).

A few month’s later, I again joined artist Paul Gori (who works on Astropunk as well) on a new project. This time for the Western Fantasy comic book, Oathbound. I am currently the Editor, Letterer, and Production Manager for the book.

I have a few other creative projects also in the works (writing, game design, etc.) but I’m always looking for new and exciting creative projects to tackle. So, if you’ve got some creative project brewing…contact me!



As a life-long comic book collector & nerd, I love working on comic book projects!

The editing of comic books is much different than the editing of a book or novel. Three major elements must work in conjunction with one another –art, script, and lettering. Comic book page real estate is at a premium, so the art & panel layout, placement, pacing, and flow are essential. Making all three elements come together seamlessly is no easy feat. Nowhere in the editing world is a holistic approach to the craft more important.

It’s a simple philosophy, but not simple to master. The design is the page (or book), the form is the artwork, and the content is the script/story/lettering. If these things are not in sync, the reading experience can suffer greatly. That’s OK, though. I’m here to help!


Comic Book Editor

I can help you get the most out of your project. My service consists of various stages of editing. First, we’ll review the script and identify any sticking points, pacing issues, or stiff/ awkward dialog.

Then, we’ll move on to the artwork, looking at consistency, storytelling, composition, and lettering layout, pacing, and eye-pathing.

Next, is the lettering itself, in which I’ll review the placement, shaping, compositional flow, and overall visual effect, to ensure the art and lettering work in unison to create a singular, comprehensive narrative.

(At this point there is usually a second script edit once the lettering is integrated with the art, as any awkward text will suddenly stick out once placed with its corresponding artwork.)

Once that is all completed, I’ll review the book as a whole checking for mistakes or miscues, in what I call the final ‘cleanup’ edit before the book is sent to print. Each stage of editing is usually 2-3 rounds. The first identifies the problem spots, the second to verify all adjustments/changes are suitable solutions, and the third (if needed) is usually a final/clean-up edit.

Price: $25.00/page

Before accepting any job, I will meet with you to discuss the specifics of the project (medium, style, tone, goals). I want to be sure my style and skill set is the right fit for your project and vision.

See the comics I’ve edited here: Comic Book Editing Work

Comic Book Lettering

A good story and great art can only get you so far. If your lettering isn’t up to the same standards, the comic’s look and story are going to suffer. Simply put, it’s not going to look as professional as it should.
I offer quality lettering services (layout, design, pacing, SFX, etc.) at affordable prices. Let me help you take your book the next level. My lettering style is different than most modern letterers. I have, what I call, a more ‘classic’ style. I focus specifically on conversational dialog pacing, balloon spacing, and proper eye-pathing.

Price: $15.00/page

As with my editing services, I will meet with you to discuss your project –its style, tone, and goals– before I accept a job. I want to be sure my style and skill set is the right fit for your vision.

See samples of my lettering here: Comic Book Lettering Samples

Or go directly to the Lettering Gallery.

The Full ‘Leditor’ Service

Need both Editing and Lettering Services? That’s my specialty! Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to edit once you’ve grown accustomed to it. I will edit your comic book, help clean up dialog, streamline story content AND do all your lettering, all for a discounted page rate price.

Includes all services mentioned in the above descriptions, just at a reduced price.

Price: $30.00/page

File Production Manager

Your creative crew all set but need someone with the technical skills to deliver a properly formatted print-ready file to the printer? Well, I can help.
Creating a proper print file isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the plethora of printers out there (each with different printing guidelines and prepress software), getting your file ‘print ready’ can be complicated. Do you need a print ready file for an offset press? Which company, which guidelines do you need to follow? CMYK, PDF files? ComiXology-ready, RGB, web comic files? There are a lot of thing to consider…and a lot of things that can go wrong.
Looking for something else –something a little different– but not sure how to accomplish it? Contact me, let’s see if we can make it happen.

Price: $5.00/page for Single File Pages
Price: $10.00/page for Multi-File Pages

(Always $5.00/page if purchased with The Full ‘Leditor’ service)

For examples, visit the Comic Book Gallery page.

Note: File Production is not the same as Graphic or Interior Design for those rates, click HERE.
As with my other services, I will meet with you to discuss your project –its style, tone, and goals– before I accept a job. I want to be sure my style and skill set is the right fit for your vision.

Script Editing/Project Critique

Script Editing:  My comic book script editing service consists of 2-3 stages of editing. The ‘First Impressions’ edit consists of a read though aimed at understanding the story’s pacing, vibe, and overall feel. If anything sticks out in a first read, then I know where to start the edits.

The second round of edits digs deeper, working through sticking points, pacing issues, and/or stiff/ awkward dialog. We work on creating a clean, fast reading script that delivers on every page.

The last round of edits is usually the ‘clean up’ edits, where everything is buttoned up tight and the script is ready to be shipped off to the artist, letterer, etc.

Price: $100.00+ (Script Size & Style Dependent)

Project Critique: I will review all project materials (story, character, script, art, letters, etc.) for character development and consistency, plot, pace, theme, mood, and more. Much like Developmental/Story Editing for a book or novel, I’ll evaluate the project’s strengths and weaknesses, then deliver an overview report with observations, recommendations, and suggestions to give you (the creator) a look at your project with the clarity of outside eyes.

Price: $200.00+ (Project Size & Scope Dependent)

Logo Design

A company, business or comic book logo isn’t “just a logo.” At least, it shouldn’t be. A logo is the first step in deciding on an endeavor’s theme, tone, and identity. It will adorn books, flyers, signs, business cards, websites, and social media profiles. It’s the beginning of your ‘brand,’ and what prospective clients will judge you on even before reading a description of your project.
I don’t just throw together an image and call it a logo. I help you make informed, step-by-step decisions that will lead to a logo that helps set you, and your project, up for future success.

Price: $25.00/hr or $250.00+ (Project Dependent)

Comic Book Graphics, Interior Design & Layout

Need graphic design/interior design done for internal pages? Need an intro page, credits page, thank you page? Maybe you have the graphics necessary but lack the professional skill and flair to create a cover? In need a company nameplate? Well, I can do all that and much more.

Price: $25.00/hr (or $50.00/page for simple Layouts & Designs)



Interested in the services I offer but worried it might break your budget? I know things can be tight in the indie publishing industry, so, feel free to contact me with any budget constraints. Let’s see if we can work something out.


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