Music. Cartoons. Comedy. The Creative Genius Of Brendon Small!

Musician, comedian, writer and voice actor, Brendon Small, is one of my heroes. That’s no lie. He’s a Gen-Xer (like me), living his dreams (like I’d love to) of creating music, cartoons and comedy. An absolute creative genius, Small has produced –or been involved in– some of my favorite cartoons, music and experiences. The list […]

Cartoons Rule! Writer & Show Creator Adam Reed Dishes On Archer Season 6!

Part of the new wave of adult oriented cartoons, FX’s animated spy spoof Archer, starring voice acting God H. Jon Benjamin (who I will one day soon dedicate an article to…), Aisha Tyler, and more, is one of the best animated shows on TV. This isn’t just my opinion, the statement has been validated by […]

Seattle Burlesque Bombshell Iva Handfull!

For those of you that don’t know, Seattle is a hotbed for burlesque. Actually, that’s an understatement. Seattle is, quite possibly, one of the top 3 places for burlesque talent in the US. It’s resume speaks for itself. It boasts a burlesque academy – Academy of Burlesque, the Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World […]

Support the Arts! Vaudeville Troupe Dark Follies Needs Our Help!

Dark Follies presents "Vaudeville on Vacation" June 21 - 23.

Dark Follies, an award winning vaudeville style variety show, needs your help to back their newest production: Vaudeville on Vacation – June 21 – 23. Their goal is a lowly $2000, this money goes to rent the theater, printing and promo costs, technical and design costs. They, of course, have other expenses like costuming, props […]

Lullaby: The Sleepy Time Theatre Show!

Photo by Pau Ros

The Barbican Theatre Breaks Convention The UK based theatre the Barbican takes theater into sleepy territory. Their current show, “Lullaby” is not a black tie event. It’s a pj’s and toothbrush event! Lullaby is a gentle, slumber show designed to send you to sleep. Bring your pyjamas and toothbrush and pile up the zzz’s at […]

Heaving Up Some Art! The Work Of Millie Brown!

"Blue" by Millie Brown. All rights reserved.

Performance Artist Vomits on Canvas Performance and Shock Artist Millie Brown vomits colored milk onto canvases to create art. She also uses her “talent” on dresses, shirts and other items. She made a big splash (pun intended) for being in an interlude video for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour. In the video she vomits on […]

And The Paint Flies!

Making Paint Fly! Brain Olsen is an interesting blend of Artist, Performer and Energizer Bunny. He creates large scale portraits of famous rockstars and pop icons live on stage before an audience. Armed with 3 paint brushes in each hand and the music blasting, he attacks the canvas with an almost reckless abandon. He throws […]