Music. Cartoons. Comedy. The Creative Genius Of Brendon Small!

Musician, comedian, writer and voice actor, Brendon Small, is one of my heroes. That’s no lie. He’s a Gen-Xer (like me), living his dreams (like I’d love to) of creating music, cartoons and comedy. An absolute creative genius, Small has produced –or been involved in– some of my favorite cartoons, music and experiences. The list […]

Metal In Your Face! New England Thrashers – Swarm of Eyes

I discovered this band about 6 months ago, and it’s all thanks to an old friend. He introduced me to George O’Connor because we were both is the same biz. No, not music. Indie publishing. You see, George is also an indie comic creator. He’s written and published 2 comic book series, Healed and Baby. […]

The Queen Extravaganza – Part Tribute, Part Nostalgia and ALL Kick Ass Rock &Roll!

The Queen Extravaganza, brainchild of Queen drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May.

The Queen Extravaganza: A truly worthy experience. Last month I previewed and reviewed the Queen Extravaganza for I was both hopeful and leery. As one of rock’s biggest icons Queen and legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, the QE had a LOT to live up to. Failing to deliver while performing Queen’s classic hits could be […]

Black Metal Surfaces In The Turbulent and Volatile Social War Of The Middle East!

Iraqi Black Metal band - Janaza and Seeds Of Iblis

A new generation of disillusioned and pissed off youth have taken to Black Metal as a way of expressing their dissatisfaction with their world. In all honestly, it might just be the most real Black Metal out there these days. Their anger is real. Their frustration is real. The fight and it’s consequences are very, […]

‘Extreme Math Metal’ Gods Meshuggah and Decapitated Punish Seattle!

Lead singer Jens Kidman of Meshuggah

I had the privilege of seeing Meshuggah, Decapitated and (sadly) Baroness at the Showbox in Seattle. I covered it for Here is the review of the show. The Church of Meshuggah set up shop in Seattle recently. Their faithful flocked to the show like lost souls seeking salvation. And they were rewarded. A sermon […]

G. Love Fails to Impress but Scott H. Biram Does Not!

G. Love of G. Love & Special Sauce

This is my most recent article written for‘s Seattle Music section. I hit this show really looking forward to the new and improved, blues infused, G. Love & Special Sauce. But when performed live, this ‘Back Road Blues’ sound was lost in translation. On the other hand, Scott H. Biram had the style and […]

Message of the Day: Art is Not Free. Live. Support. Buy!

Art is not free. Support it. Live it. Buy it!

Art The World! Art is the pulse of society and an essential part of the soul of humanity. Artists don’t just make art. They are art. Without them, the world is a sadder place. Art takes time, effort, talent and skill just like any other job. Just a reminder for us all to do our […]