Clive Barker Getting In On EFJI Fun!

The official Hellraiser page posted this image, of horror icon Clive Barker, as seen through the eyes of EFJI Illustrator Mortimer Glum! You can see the post here: It’s also posted to the Hellraiser FB page: For more info on EFJI, check out the website: And definitely go check out the Kickstarter for your chance […]

EFJI Kickstarter Is GO! And Boy, Is It Going Well!

In my last post, I warned you all that the Escape From Jesus Island project was coming to a head. Well, it’s on! The project’s Kickstarter proposal launched July 28th, a mere 5 days ago, and has been going extremely well! (see it HERE!) With 36 total chances to actually BE in the comic up for […]

Escape From Jesus Island is Coming!

After months of planning and work, the Escape From Jesus Island project is coming to life! The project launches it’s all new website tomorrow (a site designed by Savage1Studio and your’s truly!) and launches its Kickstarter proposal on July 28th! The site features information about the story line, characters, a huge gallery, a store […]

Go Team Pop Culture!

One of the (many) projects I’ve been working on over the last year and a half (when I was supposed to be re-vamping and relaunching the new website) is, what we now call, Team Pop Culture! This collaboration with Author R. Smith began as the writing, editing and releasing of a fiction novel. But it’s […]

Halloween Special: Gypsy Rose’s Handmade Horns 25% Off Today ONLY!

Get 25% off today at Gypsy Rose's Today!

My friend, artist Gypsy Rose, who hand makes costumed horns, masks and other sundries is offering a one-day only 25% off coupon for any purchases today. I know, as well as you do, you haven’t decided what you are going to be for Halloween yet. Take care of that problem and support an artist! Talk […]

Wire Wrapped Botswana Agate Pendant – EcoTome Exclusives!

'Botswana Agate Pendant' by Rachelle Leon. All rights reserved.

EcoTome Exclusives is moving out of Etsy and into their own site. Here is a chance to grab one of the remaining pieces before its gone. This Wire Wrapped Botswana Agate Pendant is made of anti-tarnish silver-plated copper wire wrapped beauty with a murano glass lampwork silver bead. Designed and crafted by Rachelle Leon of […]

Save Us From Your Fanatics!

'Please Lord, Save Me..." apparel design. Copyright Savage1Studio MM. All rights reserved.

Feeling the need to comment on organized religion? Well, good news! This shirt was made for you. Some people have described this shirt as “offensive” or “obscene.” Others have used terms like “heretic”, “blasphemy” or “uncouth.” Then, there have been some that got the joke and used terms like “awesome”, “fantastic” and “hilarious.” Which are […]