Pressed Flower Art by Ignacio Canales Aracil!

Check out these stunning pressed flower works of art! Bravo to Artist Ignacio Canales Aracil! Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil creates vessels reminiscent of upside-down baskets using nothing but pressed flowers. The art of flower pressing dates back thousands of years; pressed flowers were reportedly discovered in a 3,000-year-old coffin of Tutankhamun’s mother in Egypt, […]

Crafty & Craftier: Devil Among The Tailors!

Artist Rachelle Leon has seen some face time on this blog before (see feature: Featured Artist: Jeweler Rachelle Leon!), but her passion for creativity just can’t seem to be contained. She moves from project to project, finding new, fun and interesting artistic endeavors to try. Her newest project: Devil Among The Tailors! This time around, […]

Featured Item: “Abstinence Makes The Forearm Stronger” T-shirt by Savage Apparel!

Looking for a shirt to make people do a double take? This one might do the trick… Click HERE for more by Savage Apparel. Art the World! Savage1

Comic Feature: The Sci-Fi Zombie Horror Web Comic – Under The Flesh!

Under The Flesh - The Sci-Fi Comic of Zombie Horror comic by G. Deltres & J. L. Giles. All rights reserved.

Today, we take a left turn into one of my favorite worlds: comic books. Moreover, we plunge into a genre I hold dear: Zombies! With that said, here is Under The Flesh – The Sci-Fi Comic of Zombie Horror comic by G. Deltres & J. L. Giles. Here is the extremely short, but sharp, tag […]

Escape From Jesus Island on CNN this Sunday!

Originally posted on Escape From Jesus Island:
Hey, all! I am super psyched to announce that Escape From Jesus Island writer Shawn French will be appearing on the Faces of Faith segment on New Day Sunday this coming Sunday, Jan. 26. No, seriously. This is an actual thing that is happening. A mutant Jesus discussion has…

EFJI #1, Special Phantom Variant Cover Goes On Sale Dec 20th!

After a year of work, the Escape From Jesus Island premiere issue will be officially released (with it’s exclusive Phantom Variant cover) on December 20th at all Phantom Group retailers (with more than 50+ stores) across the US and in the UK. The Phantom Variant Group has launched a new line of small print-run comics, […]

Show Us What You Got People! EFJI Halloween Art Contest!

MORTIMER GLUM’S —SHOW ME YOURS AND I’LL SHOW YOU MINE— CONTEST THE RULES: 1) Draw/sketch/scribble your favorite EFJI character. 2) Post the artwork to your Facebook wall. 3) Tag Escape From Jesus Island in the image. The Jesus Island crew will judge the entries based on originality, technique, ridiculousness and overall heresy. PRIZES: The winner […]