The Queen Extravaganza – Part Tribute, Part Nostalgia and ALL Kick Ass Rock &Roll!

The Queen Extravaganza, brainchild of Queen drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May.

The Queen Extravaganza: A truly worthy experience. Last month I previewed and reviewed the Queen Extravaganza for I was both hopeful and leery. As one of rock’s biggest icons Queen and legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, the QE had a LOT to live up to. Failing to deliver while performing Queen’s classic hits could be […]

What Is Erotic Art? A Well-Thought-Out and Enlightening Article By Mistress Matisse!

Mistress Matisse. Photo copyright RB images 2000.

Seattle’s BDSM Sex Maven and The Stranger contributor, Mistress Matisse, recently juried for The Seattle Erotic Art Festival (Happening this week!). With four other jurors, one being nationally known sex columnist Dan Savage, Matisse viewed, considered and decided which of the 2000 plus submissions would make the final show. Taking what she learned from the […]

The Beauty of Struggle: The Art of Printmaker Charles Spitzack!

"Workie Work" woodblock print by Charles Spitzack. All rights reserved.

Artist Charles Spitzack is, quite honestly, an amazing guy. When I first met him, I wanted to hate him. He’s only 24 years old, only been doing printmaking for 4 years…and yet he’s currently showing at Davidson Galleries, Seattle’s premier print gallery. A little bit of jealousy perhaps? No, not perhaps…absolutely. But the more time […]

Featured Artist: Jeweler Rachelle Leon!

'Water Cycle' by Rachelle Leon. All rights reserved.

Featured Artist- Rachelle Leon This installment of the “Featured Artist” is Artist Rachelle Leon. Her work encompasses drawing, photography and most recently (and successfully!) wire wrapped and bead jewelry. As you know by now, the point of this page is to learn about the Artist, from the Artist. So without further ado, Rachelle in her […]

If Tom Waits Was a Painter! The Lounge Inspired Art of Remi LaBarre!

Art by Remi Labarre. All rights reserved.

Artist Remi Labarre has a style of painting that conjures up piano bars, lounge acts and old-world cafes. That’s likely because they seem to be the focal point of his art. But more than that, his signature style evokes the feeling of a bygone age. When I saw his work I was quickly struck by […]

‘Work of Art’ contestant Judith Ann Braun’s Absolutely Awesome finger paintings!

Installation pt 3. Art by Judith Braun. All rights reserved.

Artists Judith Ann Braun, a contestant on season 1 of ‘Work of Art: The Next Great Artist’, does what she calls “fingerings” to create beautiful, flowing symmetrical works. She uses various materials (charcoal, pastel, chalk, etc.) to paint her works. My favorite part of her work is her skill in using negative space so effectively. […]

Artist Lloyd Metcalf “Advert. Art. Design.” Give Us Art’s New Featured Artist!

Lloyd Metcalf: Advert. Art. Design.

Artist Lloyd Metcalf Give Us Art’s latest ‘Featured Artist’ is Lloyd Metcalf. Lloyd’s work runs the gamut: digital painting, fine art, oil painting, water color, pen and ink, photography, and video. I’ll be honing in on the oil painting and digital painting aspects of his work. This line, from his bio, sums up Lloyd pretty […]