Stage To Page: Amazing Show ‘Dirt’ To Become A Graphic Novel!

Artist/Actor/Comedian John Morello has paid his dues. He’s spent 15 years working the stage, but his biggest greatest project has been his one man show titled ‘Dirt’. The show, started in 2002, is expanding –moving from just school and stage to the world of print. Morello, who has been personally funding this new project for […]

Trendsetters Volume 2: The Awesome Mike Mignola!

Hellboy in Prague. Copyright Mike Mignola. All rights reserved.

German Expressionism meets Jack Kirby” -Alan Moore On Mike Mignola Comic book great Mike Mignola is, for me, one of the most interesting and inspirational Artists ever. He and Frank Miller were the Artists that shattered my views and traditional ideals of comic art. Mignola’s use of simple shapes and his dynamic use of shadow […]