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The 50/50 Project Begins: She Persisted!

Art has power. So, here at GiveUsArt, we’ve decided to step up our art game! It started with Resistance Art after America somehow ended up with a sexist, bigoted, sociopath, and narcissistic asshat in the White House. But, it just didn’t feel like enough. Since nothing is more powerful in America than the all mighty dollar, […]

It’s A ‘New America’ President’s Day! Let’s Celebrate!

0000 #ShitGibbon #FuckTrump #AmericanFail #AmericanEmbarrassment #IdiotElite #Trumpsterfire #NotMyPresident #NewAmericaSucks #FillTheSpwamp #PutinPuppet Art the World (with Resistance Art!) -Savage1

The Bladerunner & Cyberpunk Generation Is Almost Here

Inspired by the cinematography of films by Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick, fashion photographer and graphic designer Marilyn Mugot, found herself traveling the globe and shooting new perspectives of urban landscapes. Welcome to the Night Project! The Night Project is a photo collection of eerie shots of Paris, San Francisco, New York, and the focal point of […]

A Perfect Valentine’s For ‘New America’

This seems to embody the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year.   A burger restaurant in Lithuania has become internet-famous for a brilliant piece of political graffiti. Keulė Rūkė, a casual eatery in the capital city of Vilnius, has decorated its storefront with a mural of Russian president Vladimir Putin kissing Donald Trump. It’s a […]

New America – Buying Your Job

Welcome to the New America, where you can buy one of the most important jobs (Secretary of Education) in the country. #Unfit #FillTheSwamp #FuckThis #NotMyAmerica #AmericanFail  #SecretaryOfEducation #FuckTrump

POTUS the EmbarrASSment

The image speaks for itself. #resist #notmypresident #fucktrump Art the World -Savage1

Make War With ART!

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday, you all know the one, ‘Make Art Not War,’ and thought to myself, “you know, fuck that. More like, make war with art!” And here we are today. This election (and the appalling aftermath) has lit a fire under my ass, creatively speaking. I’m rusty as hell, but I […]

Making America (the) Great (Hate) Again!

Since I couldn’t concentrate on work, I made a few memes to express my thoughts on the #Election2016. If you are so inclined, feel free to share. #Trumpsterfire2016 #HateWins #Disgrace2016 #ArtTheWorld Savage1

Halloween Has Come & Gone, But Horror Is Forever!

Halloween has come and gone, but the beauty and wonder of it lives on year around in our love of #horror #movies and #comics. Escape From Jesus Island is a true #indie book. It allows us to tell our story OUR way, without any interference. So far, we’ve included 47 fans into the series. That’s […]

Oathbound: Bound to Succeed!

“In Oathbound, epic fantasy and spaghetti western collide in a story of love, loss, family, and redemption.” Having known about this project (and seen the beautiful promotional artwork) before I was approached to join the creative team as the book’s editor…it was an easy decision to say ‘yes.’ I was only more impressed once I’d […]

EFJI Mutant Babies Has Arrived!

It was a long time coming. No seriously, it took us a whole lot longer to get this thing reader ready than we expected. But, anything worth doing…is worth doing right. Anywho, Wisdumb Productions (creators of the indie horror comic Escape From Jesus Island) has teamed up with The Entertainment Experiment and proud to present the […]

EFJI’s: Ask The Antichrist, Part 1

Just in time for the Holiday’s…erm…I mean Christmas (Yeshua would rip my throat out for that little mistake. Luckily, he doesn’t have use of the internet very often), we have the very first installment of The Blood Shed‘s new Escape From Jesus Island inspired series “Ask the Antichrist!” A little teaser: Dear Antichrist: Why do […]

Revisit – Creepy Kid Art: Post-It!

John Kenn is an odd man. First off, he draws his creepy, Edward Gorey type, sketches on Post-It notes. When asked why he started his Post-It note project his answer was this… “So I wouldn’t die. I know it is a silly answer, but I just HAVE to draw and I HAVE to tell stories […]

The Absolutely Breathtaking Glass Sculptures of Artist Jiyong Lee!

orange and magenta embryo segmentation by Jiyong Lee

Artist Jiyong Lee has taken his love of science and skill of glass sculpture and combined them into something fantastic. By cutting, carving, sanding, and other techniques he manipulates the glasses form into geometrical shapes inspired by the science of cell division and growth. The results are utterly breathtaking. “The segmentation series is inspired by […]