EFJI Mutant Babies Has Arrived!

It was a long time coming. No seriously, it took us a whole lot longer to get this thing reader ready than we expected. But, anything worth doing…is worth doing right.

Anywho, Wisdumb Productions (creators of the indie horror comic Escape From Jesus Island) has teamed up with The Entertainment Experiment and proud to present the very first installment of EFJI Mutant Babies!

EFJI's Mutant Babies!

EFJI’s Mutant Babies. Click to read now!

Every Apocalypse has a beginning…

Trapped in the nursery at the Malsum Island Research Facility, the Antichrist and his twin brother Jesus lead a motley crew of cannibalistic mutant clones on an increasingly elaborate series of escape attempts.

Can this plucky crew of murderous toddlers break free of the clutches of ReGen Corp or will they end up on the funeral pyre as another of Anna Thorne’s failed experiments?

To read the first installment, go HERE now.

You’re welcome.


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