Bringing Museum Paintings Out Into The Streets: The Outings Project!


I’m going to start this post off with this statement: “This is cool as shit!”

Yeah, that’s my official opinion on this. I’m witty like that. Anyway, on with the post!

Artist and filmmaker, Julien de Casabianca, was inspired to bring an Ingres painting of a female prisoner, which was tucked away into a corner of the Louvre, out into the street. Well, not literally. But, by reproducing the image as street art. With that single act, the Outings Project was born!


“Since sharing photos of the first artwork online, people in at least 18 cities have liberated similar anonymous characters found in master paintings and pasted them up in public spaces in London, Barcelona, Chicago, Rome, and elsewhere. Casabianca says the global participation was completely unplanned and unexpected, but he’s embraced the idea wholeheartedly.”


“When asked about the possibility of an artwork being taken out of context or without attribution he shares via email, “we don’t want to tell you something that you don’t know, and we don’t want people to feel ignorant. You have just to feel that [the artwork] is ancient and shifted, you have just to be touched by the emotion, by the aesthetic, by the art.”


–quotes from the Colossal article: A Global Art Project Brings Paintings of Anonymous Figures out of Museums and onto the Streets by Christopher Jobson

So, join in on Arting the World people!!!


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