Revisit: True “Insider” Outsider Art

Dried Citrus Peel Art 1

An intriguing artist, with an equally intriguing form of art! All hail Artist Daniel Watson!

Alien or Citrus? Both.

When you look at this work, what do you see? I see an amazingly detailed work that looks to be molded of clay and worked with tools to get the shape and depth. Then maybe it’s painted or stained many times to get that depth of color. Finally, it would be glazed or polyurethaned to protect the piece and preserve the work done. Sounds reasonable, right? There are plenty of other options. But I’d never have guessed that these pieces were constructed out of dried citrus peels!

Here is what the original article says about the Artist and the work. It does a good enough job that I’ll let it speak for itself.

Dried Citrus Peel Art 2

“HERE ARE THREE PIECES OF TRUE OUTSIDER ART by a man named Daniel Watson, who is serving a life sentence in a California federal prison. In solitary confinement, Watson creates these strange items out of citrus skins. These 3 examples were done 10 years ago, in 1998. Described as “hovering somewhere between Pre-Columbian and alien,” these are good examples of his work. They were described by the past auction as being about 6 inches tall. Strange, skin-like and beautifully creepy, this just goes to show what one can do with a little time on his hands.”

When I went to research more about this Artist I found very little. I did find that “Daniel Watson’s dried citrus skin sculptures have been sold at various art auctions.” I also found a Flikr page depicting a gallery showing for his work in named Don’t Fence Me In in 2007. I also found a brief bio at the Phyllis Kind Gallery under Self Taught/Folk Art Here! But none of these shed very much light on his sculpture work. I’ll post something new if I find out more info.

See the original post Dried Citrus Sculptures by Daniel Watson by John Foster, Sunday, January 23, 2011.

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