Street Artist Duo Pichi and Avo Show Greek Gods & Graffiti = Beautiful!


The debate ‘Is it Street Art or is it Graffiti?’ is a hotly contested one. And with good reason.

There is a huge difference between tagging shit and creating something of beauty.

Was the project or mural sanctioned? Does the finished product add value to society as a whole (in some way), or is it just a nuisance that costs building owners money to repair? Is it petty crime or art?

There is a whole lot to this, and I’m just not prepared to delve that deep into the subject today. Needless to say, there are a lot of factors and just as many opinions on the matter.


Well, I think the Street Artist Duo of Pichi and Avo do a fantastic job of illustrating the difference between the two with this series of works.

Inspired by the Greek Gods of old and today’s graffiti, their work is the perfect blend of the two. It’s both modern, and elegantly classic. Plainly speaking, it’s absolutely beautiful!


To view the original article (from the art site Colossal) that inspired this post, go HERE.

As always,
Art the World!


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