EFJI: Glum’s Mystery Cover New Contest!

To help defray the cost of a much-needed upgrade to EFJI‘s artist Mortimer Glum equipment, we gave him free reign to create a cover, any cover he wanted. We published only 50 of these limited-edition books. This is what came from it.

EFJI #2 Mystery Cover. Art by Mortimer Glum. All rights reserved.

EFJI #2 Mystery Cover. Art by Mortimer Glum. All rights reserved.

That horrific image has only been seen (and can never be unseen) by those who pre-ordered one of the 50 copies of this book in existence… until now. Behold, Mortimer Glum’s EFJI#2 Mystery Cover!

Those who pre-ordered the Mystery Cover also got to take part in a little puzzle that Morty hid in the details of this freakshow on parade. Daniel Zubek from Illinois won the top prize, but now we’re going to open up this puzzle to the rest of you. NEW CONTEST!

THE CHALLENGE: Hidden somewhere in the twisted depths of the Mystery Cover is a question. The answer to that question can also be found in the image.

Want to be part of this contest? Click HERE!

WANT A MYSTERY COVER? With only a few of these limited-edition books left, you can snag yours for $25 + $4 US shipping. Drop a note to: JesusIslandComics@gmail(dot)com to get one of the final copies. Each book comes signed by artist Mortimer Glum and writer Shawn French.

With a video game in the works, a board game being developed and the webcomic Mutant Babies: Escape From Jesus Island in production…you can expect a LOT more from the EFJI crew in 2015!

Art the World!


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